SQL Language

The SQL language is used to access data. With SQL, you can query your database in a variety of ways, using English-like statements. Learning SQL is easy. Our online tutorial teaches you SQL commands.

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Retrieving a Single Column

You can use SQL to retrieve a single column of data.


Select fieldname
from tablename;


  • Instead of an asterisk, the name of the field is specified in the Select clause. 
  • Field names are not case-sensitive. You can type field names in uppercase or lowercase letters.

Retrieve the vendor name from each record:

  1. In the SQL text box, type:

Select Name
from TrnVendor;

  1. Click on First, the Run button located to the right of the SQL text box. The results will display on the screen.
  2. Use the vertical scroll bar to move up and down the screen.
  3. Click on Stop to return to the original screen.


Wet Off Towels
The Games All Here
BedMakers Linen
Bed Room Furniture, Inc.
Ray Block
Mosquito No Bite
Spot Out
Big Tree Landscaping
Hit the Deck
The Soda Factory
The Freelance
Paper People
Softer Software
Counter Productive
No Waste Disposal
Music Maker
Food Four
Computer Bytes
Bayshore Consulting
BayCon Group
Cooperative Operatives
Legal Lookup
World Wide Learning U
Enterprise Transport
Against the Tide
Clampett Oil
Narrow Nest
Distant Horizons
Paltry Play
Make Shift Tilts
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