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Our Flash Web site features a Flash CS4 Professional tutorial. The tutorial covers creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to your Flash CS4 Professional movie.

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Create a Symbol

You are now ready to turn the drawing (the rectangle) you created into a button and store the drawing as a button in the Library. In Flash, a symbol is defined as a graphic, button, or movie clip. A graphic symbol is a static image. You can use a graphic when creating an animation. A button symbol responds when you click the mouse, roll over it, or perform some other action. A movie clip symbol is a static image or a piece of animation. Symbols and other items stored in the Library can be used more than once.

Create a Button Symbol

  1. Choose the Selection tool Selection.
  2. Click and drag around the rectangle you drew to select it.
  3. Choose Modify > Convert to Symbol from the menu or press F8. The Convert to Symbol dialog box appears.

Convert to Symbol

  1. Type Start Button in the Name field.
  2. Choose Button as the type.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Activate the Library, which is located to the right of the Properties tab. The Library panel opens. You should see the Start Button in the Library panel.

Note: If the Library tab is not available, choose Window > Library from the menu. The Library opens.

If you do not see the Start Button, click and drag downward to open the viewing area.

Open Viewing Area


  1. Press the Delete key to delete the rectangle from the Stage. Don't worry. You have a copy of the Start Button in the Library.

Create a Gradient

When you click a color box, the color dialog box shown here appears.

Color Box

Gradients show changes in color. They are located on the bottom row of the Color dialog box. You will use a gradient to create the movie's sky. But first, you must create the gradient you will use.

Create a Gradient

  1. Choose Window > Color from the menu or press Shift+F9. The Color panel appears.

Color Mixer

  1. Choose Linear in the Type field.
  2. Near the bottom of the panel, double-click on the first Edit Gradient Range icon Edit Gradient Range Icon. Color boxes appear.


  1. Click the color blue to select blue.
  2. Double-click the second Edit Gradient Range icon and then click the color white to select white.

Color Mixer

  1. Click and drag the second Fill Gradient Range icon to the three-quarter point on the Gradient Range slider to increase the amount of white in your gradient.
  2. Click the Menu Options button Menu Options to open the menu.
  3. Click Add Swatch.
  4. Close the Color panel. Flash adds the gradient you created to the color box.

Use a Gradient

In this exercise you will create a rectangle and fill it with the gradient you just created. You will then turn the resulting drawing into a symbol and use it later to create the sky.

Use a Gradient

  1. Choose the Rectangle tool Rectangle Tool.
  2. Activate the Property inspector.

No Color

  1. Click the Stroke color box Stroke Color box and then click No Color so the stroke will not have a color.
  2. Click the Fill color box Fill Color Box and then click the gradient you created.
  3. Type 0 in the Rectangle Corners Radius field Rectangle Corners Radius Fields.
  4. Click the Stage and drag diagonally to create a rectangle.

Create rectangle

Later you will use the drawing you just created. For now, turn it into a graphic symbol.

Create a Graphic Symbol

  1. Choose the Selection tool.
  2. Click and drag to create a rectangle around the drawing to select it.
  3. Choose Modify > Convert to Symbol from the menu. The Convert to Symbol dialog box appears.
  4. Type Sky in the Name field.
  5. Choose Graphic as the Type.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Activate the Library to view the graphic in the Library.
  8. Press the Delete key to remove the graphic from the Stage.
Table of Contents

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